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Home Foam® Insulation Helps Slash Energy Costs:

Just $77/month for a 3200 sq. ft. home

Home Foam® spray-foam insulation is contributing to significant energy savings at a new home in Vaughan, Ontario. A 3200 sq. ft. home at Weston Woods has had its monthly energy bill estimated at just $77.80 per month. >more

Doing Our Part

For many years now, the environmental impact of... well, nearly everything has been examined in minute detail and no-matter how environmentally conscious you try to be, you've probably been frustrated in some way. The new vocabulary of advertising... >more

Conduction is the flow of heat through a material by direct molecular contact

Thermal Control in Buildings

This article from the Building Science Corporation discusses the precesses of heat migration and how materials and techniques can be used to reduce energy use while providing comfort and durability. A long read, but full of information. >more

Home Foam® Wins ICC-ES Approval

Home Foam® has received a report from International Codes Council - Evaluation Service (ICC-ES) providing evidence that Home Foam® meets code requirements. >more


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