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Foamy's Top Ten Reasons To Use Home Foam®

Foamy's Top-Ten Reasons To Use Home Foam®

1. Home Foam® keeps my energy bills down.

Energy costs for heating and cooling are significant and rising, but Home Foam's® combination of thermal resistance (R-value) and air sealing drastically reduces costly heat migration. Home Foam® is so effective that it will actually pay for itself with energy savings.

Foamy's Top-Ten Reasons To Use Home Foam®

2. Home Foam® will always deliver peak performance.

Home Foam® bonds to the structure and forms a permanent building envelope. It will not sag, settle or shrink and it remains flexible to accommodate normal structural shifting and expansion. Twenty years on, Home Foam® will work just as well as the day it was installed. Furthermore, should Home Foam® get wet due to a leak, it will be fine once it dries.

Foamy's Top-Ten Reasons To Use Home Foam®

3. Home Foam® helps keep creepy-crawlies out.

Home Foam® is not a source of food for rodents and insects. Furthermore, Home Foam® fills the gaps where insects may nest or enter a building and it eliminates air leaks which can provide an attractive source of heat to raccoons, mice and other rodents when the weather turns cold.

Foamy's Top-Ten Reasons To Use Home Foam®

4. Home Foam® won't end up covered in mold or fungi.

Because it's not a source of nutrients, Home Foam® is not an attractive location for mold or fungi.

Foamy's Top-Ten Reasons To Use Home Foam®

5. Home Foam® keeps my house quiet.

Homes and workplaces insulated with Home Foam® are quieter because Home Foam® attenuates sound. Exterior noise from aircraft, trucks, sirens, lawn mowers and other sources is significantly reduced. Using Home Foam® in interior walls can reduce inter-room noise too.

Foamy's Top-Ten Reasons To Use Home Foam®

6. Thanks to Home Foam®, allergy season isn't so bad.

Home Foam® isn't a cure for allergies, but thanks to its air-sealing properties, pollen, dust, pollution and other respiratory irritants can't enter the building via gaps in the structure. Home Foam® helps keep out odors too.

Foamy's Top-Ten Reasons To Use Home Foam®

7. Home Foam® is safe.

Little thought is given to insulation because it's out of sight, hidden inside the walls. If you've got Home Foam®, you can rest assured it does not contain formaldehyde, fibrous particulate, HFCs1, CFCs2 or HCFCs3 and is a zero-ODP4 product. Home Foam® was designed to be safe for people and our planet.

Foamy's Top-Ten Reasons To Use Home Foam®

8. Home Foam® seals and insulates so Heatwave and Chill stay outside and I'm comfortable all year.

While Home Foam® delivers thermal resistance (R-value), it also creates an air seal which stops air from leaking through gaps in the structure. This creates a comfortable, draft-free interior no matter what it's like outside.

Foamy's Top-Ten Reasons To Use Home Foam®

9. Buildings insulated with Home Foam® hold their value better.

Demand for buildings that are energy efficient and cost effective to operate is increasing. In addition to reducing energy costs, insulating with Home Foam® contributes to a higher resale value.

Foamy's Top-Ten Reasons To Use Home Foam®

10. Home Foam® is great for all kinds of buildings.

From houses to hospitals, Home Foam® consistently delivers superior performance. Home Foam® helps make homes, schools, offices, industrial buildings and other structures comfortable, healthy, quiet and energy efficient.

1HFC – Hydrofluorocarbon
2CFC – Chlorofluorocarbon
3HCFC – Hydrochlorofluorocarbon
4ODP – Ozone Depleting Potential


Choose Home Foam® for health, comfort and energy savings

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