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Home Foam® Product Specifications

Home Foam® is a half-pound, low-density, water-blown foam insulation for use in commercial, industrial, institutional and residential structures. Applied in liquid form, Home Foam® reacts within seconds, expanding to as much as 130 times its original volume.

Adhering to most any surface or substrate, Home Foam® creates both a thermal barrier and air seal. With its unique open-celled structure, Home Foam® provides excellent thermal resistance and creates an effective sound barrier.

Home Foam® is a flexible product that can be used for a variety of applications. It can be sprayed into ceilings, floors, attics and crawl spaces as well as walls. It can also be used in “pour foam” scenarios to fill voids. Excess foam can be trimmed within seconds of spraying, allowing drywall and/or finishing surfaces to be installed as soon as the application is complete.

Stable and inert when cured, the foam remains supple, permanently bonded to the structure and will not sag, settle or shrink.

Installed only by trained and licensed professionals, Home Foam® is always applied in an efficient and effective manner using the proper machinery and procedures. Certified installers carry a Home Foam® identification card, including photograph, name, certification number and expiration date.

Canadian Construction Materials
Centre (CCMC)

International Code Council-Evaluation
Services (ICC-ES)


Density (ASTM D-1622)
0.51 lbs/ft3
6.83 kg/m3

Thermal Resistance (ASTM C 518)
R 3.9 ft2 F/BTU (R/In)
RSI 0.68 m2 C/W (RSI/25mm)

Water Vapour Permeance (ASTM E96)
1861 ng/(Pa•s•m2) @ 50mm thickness

Water Absorption (ASTM D2842)

Burn Characteristics (Canada)
Flame Spread: 454 (ULC S-127 Corner Wall)
Smoke Development: 350 (ULC S-102 Steiner Tunnel)

Burn Characteristics (ASTM E84) (USA)
Flame Spread: <75
Smoke Development: <450

Dimensional Stability (ASTM D-2126)
 80º C @ AMB RH: -9.1%
 70º C @ 97% RH: -11.9%
-29º C @ AMB RH: 0.9%

Acoustic Properties (STC)
30 @ 3½" depth, 36 @ 5½" depth

Noise Attenuation by Frequency
Hz dB @3½" dB @5½"
80 -18 -19
160 -17 -18
315 -30 -33
500 -32 -35
800 -36 -39
1250 -40 -38
2000 -41 -41
3150 -43 -42
5000 -47 -46


Open-Cell Count (ASTM D-2856)
98% (standards require greater than 90%).

Tensile Strength (ASTM D-1623)
Greater than 3. Passed.

Home Foam® does not cause corrosion to steel.

Electrical Wiring
Home Foam® can be used with 14/3 and 12/2 wiring (122ºF / 50ºC) without affecting wire coverings.

Bacteria and Fungi
Home Foam® is not a food source for mould. With its unique air barrier qualities, it does not allow airborne transmission of moisture, food, or spores into the envelope of a structure.

Rodents and Pests
Home Foam® is not a food source for insects, rodents, or other pests.

Environmental Health and Safety
Home Foam® contains no formaldehyde, HFCs, CFCs or HCFCs. It is 100% water blown. Home Foam® has been tested for VOCs by SRC and, as a result of its exceptional performance, a mere 24-hour occupancy waiting period was recommended for extremely sensitive individuals.

Home Foam® should not be installed within 2" / 50mm of heat emitting devices producing temperatures in excess of 200ºF / 93ºC.

Packaging and Storage
Home Foam® is supplied in 55 US gallon steel drums. Component A, isocynate, is shipped in red drums and must be protected from moisture and freezing. Component B, resin, is shipped in white drums and must be protected from freezing and temperatures above 120ºF / 49ºC.

Application Requirements
For optimum yield, Home Foam® should be sprayed at 600-1000psi at 120-135ºF / 49-57ºC. Component B should be stirred/mixed well, both before and during application.

When applied by trained and certified installers in optimum conditions, Home Foam® yields have reached 24,000 bd ft / 5663 bd m of consistently perfect foam per material set.

Home Insulation Corporation warrants that, when applied by certified installers following the product installation instructions, all properties of Home Foam® will be consistent with the specifications detailed on this page.

UL Fire Resistance Classification R25044

The physical and performance properties of Home Foam® / Insulthane 100 were determined by tests conducted by ULC and Warnock-Hersey. Specifications may be revised periodically as the quest to improve Home Foam® continues. Please ensure you are referring to current specifications.


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