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Why Home Foam®?

Home Foam® is a high-quality, versatile, leading-edge insulation system for commercial, industrial, institutional and residential buildings, including single-family homes. With excellent air-sealing properties, high R-value and fewer health concerns than other forms of insulation, Home Foam® is a wise choice for virtually any project.

Sprayed on like paint, Home Foam® inflates to as much as 130 times its original volume in a matter of seconds. During the expansion process Home Foam® forms to the insulation cavity and completely fills it, sealing any gaps and crevices that would have allowed air to leak through the structure.

Stable and inert when cured, Home Foam® bonds permanently to the structure and will not sag, settle or shrink over time. Home Foam® remains supple in order to accommodate normal shifting and settling within the building.

While inhibiting air leakage and delivering top thermal performance, state-of-the-art Home Foam® also provides several other benefits: It is not a source of nutrients for mold or fungi, nor is it a source of food for insects or rodents. It fills gaps where insects might nest or enter a building and it eliminates air leaks which can provide an attractive source of heat to raccoons, mice and other rodents when the weather turns cold. Furthermore, Home Foam® provides good sound attenuation and eliminates vibration of any plumbing and duct work it surrounds.

Home Foam® does not contain formaldehyde, fibrous particulate, HFCs1, CFCs2 or HCFCs3 and is a zero-ODP4 product. The Saskatchewan Research Council (SRC) advises that even sensitive individuals may take occupancy just 24 hours after application is complete.

  • Home Foam® is recognized by ICC, CCMC, ULC, UL, Intertec and Exova.
  • Home Foam® is manufactured in an ISO 9001:2008-registered facility.
  • Home Foam® contributes to Sustainable Housing Foundation G50 certification.

Home Insulation Corporation is a member of OBC, GTHBA, OHBA and CUFCA.

See our Certifications page for more information.


1HFC – Hydrofluorocarbon
2CFC – Chlorofluorocarbon
3HCFC – Hydrochlorofluorocarbon
4ODP – Ozone Depleting Potential


Choose Home Foam® for health, comfort and energy savings

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