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Can You Afford To Pay Less?

As a foam insulation contractor, you understand the merits that make foam a must-have for new buildings, additions and renovations. Falling into a number of categories, each with characteristics that fill different needs, foam is simply great stuff.

Home Foam® has proved itself superior in the low-density, half-pound category. With Home Foam®, not only will your customers end up with top-quality insulation, but you’ll be thrilled with Home Foam’s® ease of application and incredible yield. Contractors who use Home Foam® are well aware of its superior performance, superior yield and superior quality.

Home Foam® was never intended to be a price-point product, but when all the elements are factored in, Home Foam® actually costs less than other products.

Consistently producing an industry-topping 20,000 board-feet per set of material – a figure attained across a range of conditions and confirmed by our customers – Home Foam® yields 20-40% more insulation than other half-pound foam products.

Home Foam yields 20-40% more foam than other foam insulation products

Looking only at the cost of material, it’s easy to say that you’ll pay less for another product, but consider how much foam you’ll get in the end. Now which product costs less?

It’s a simple calculation. Take a product’s yield and divide it by the price of the material. The result tells you how many board-feet you’ll get per Dollar.


Home Foam's high yield reduces material useYou’ll likely discover that you’ll get more board-feet per Dollar with Home Foam®. Add in other considerations like reduced freight costs (because you won’t be buying as many sets), reduced equipment maintenance (because you won’t pump as much material through it), reduced down time for drum changes (because you won’t use as much material) and many other incidentals and you’ll see that Home Foam® is a really good deal.

And don’t forget that Home Foam® is a top quality product that’s a dream to apply and makes great foam.

So, can you afford to pay less?

To find out how much you could save with Home Foam®, speak to Andrey or Tony at 1800-301-1801.


Choose Home Foam® for health, comfort and energy savings

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