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For many years now, the health and environmental impacts of almost everything has been examined in minute detail and no-matter how healthy or environmentally conscious you try to be, you've probably been left confused or frustrated at some point. The vocabulary of advertising barrages us with Enviro-this and and Low-Sodium-that while conflicting news reports fuel confusion about global warming and which groceries are unhealthy.

At the Home Insulation Corporation, we are pleased and proud to offer Home Foam® as a product that does not release anything harmful to us or our environment. Additionally, a home, office block, hospital, or any other structure insulated with Home Foam® will consume significantly less energy for heating and cooling than it would if it contained conventional insulation.

Home Foam is a zero-ODP productFor The Environment

Home Foam® lower environmental impact in several ways including reduced energy use, reduced pollution and Home Foam® is a zero-ODP (Ozone Depleting Potential) product.

By lowering the amount of heat lost in winter and gained in summer, Home Foam® significantly reduces demand for gas and oil, as well as coal and uranium used for the generation of electricity. Significant effort and resources are dedicated to finding new fuel sources. Extracting fuels can be devastating to eco systems. Processing fuels is often dirty in environmental terms. And transportation and storage of fuels frequently makes the news... and it's never good.

Another great concern is pollution. Once again though, Home Foam® helps. With a reduced workload, heating systems fueled by gas or oil, will expel less greenhouse gasses. Heating and cooling powered by electricity, usually expensive to begin with, often relies on generation methods that have their own environmental pitfalls. Coal-fired plants expel soot and greenhouses gasses, nuclear plants create waste that must be carefully stored for hundreds of years and hydro dams can damage or even destroy ecosystems. Even solar and wind power have some drawbacks. No matter your opinion on the best energy option, we can probably all agree that using less energy is desirable–and it's easier on the pocketbook too!

You've likely heard much about the Ozone Layer and its importance in protecting us from harmful radiation. In short, studies by the Environmental Protection Agency and the United Nations have determined that depletion of the Ozone Layer allows more of the Sun's Ultraviolet Radiation to reach the Earth's surface, leading to increased incidences of skin cancers and a variety of chronic eye conditions. Ultraviolet Radiation is also detrimental to plants and animals both on land and in water. Another effect is that Ultraviolet Radiation breaks down many products, including construction materials. This necessitates periodic replacement of degraded components, or the use of chemical stabilizers to increase durability. Since Home Foam® does not contain or make use of any ozone-depleting gasses–including during the application process–it does not release anything harmful to the Earth's Ozone Layer. Home Foam® does not contain HFCs (Hydrofluorocarbons), CFCs (Chlorofluorocarbons) or HCFCs (Hydrochlorofluorocarbons).

Home Foam is safe for you and your familyFor Your And Yours

Home Foam® is a non-toxic polyurethane foam. Utilizing a water-based reaction, Home Foam's® liquid components expand with a puff of steam to create a foam structure that seals and insulates.

Polyurethane foams have played a major role in our lives for decades. Seat cushions, steering wheels, mattresses, decorative moldings, telephones, computers and many other everyday items are all made with polyurethane.

Home Foam® does not contain any formaldehyde or fibrous particulate which can present a hazard during the entire lifetime of a building, including construction and demolition. Fibrous particulate are tiny airborne particles which have the potential to cause significant respiratory problems.

Home Foam® has undergone extensive testing by the SRC (Saskatchewan Research Council) and been given a clean bill of health. Even sensitive individuals may take occupancy just 24 hours after application.

Live Comfortably

As the population becomes more aware of issues regarding the environment and personal health, products like Home Foam® make more sense than ever. While Home Foam® was in development, quality was always kept in lockstep with health and environmental concerns. Thanks to Home Foam®, you can reduce energy costs, safeguard your health and do something to protect the environment while living and working in comfort.

Clearly, we don't have the solution to all the world's problems, but with Home Foam®, we're doing our part.


Choose Home Foam® for health, comfort and energy savings

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