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Just $77/month for a 3200 sq. ft. home

Home Foam® is helping this 3200 sq . ft. home achieve incredible energy efficiency.Home Foam® is helping this 3200 sq . ft. home achieve incredible energy efficiency.
Media Release

January 6 2010, Concord, Ontario: Home Foam® spray-foam insulation is contributing to significant energy savings at a new home in Vaughan, Ontario. A 3200 sq. ft. home at Weston Woods has had its monthly energy bill estimated at just $77.80 per month. An article in the Winter issue of Builder/Architect Magazine’s Green Builder GTA edition (see p15), out this week, cites certification from the Sustainable Housing Foundation, a group attempting to bring about conditions for building greener homes.

Constructed by Starlane Homes in response to the Sustainable Housing Foundation’s G50 Green Homebuilder Challenge, the home was built to surpass 2006 Ontario Building Code standards by 50% (halfway to net zero) in terms of household energy use. The two major factors are heating the living-space and heating water.

Home Foam® from Home Insulation Corporation in Concord, Ontario, plays a important role in the home’s efficient use of energy. Used in the attic, exterior walls and basement walls, Home Foam® provides both thermal insulation (R-value) and air sealing. By virtually eliminating air leakage, Home Foam® mitigates significant energy loss even in well-built new homes.

Despite the house achieving G50 and far exceeding its ENERGY STAR rating, homeowner Bill Asaro—son of Home Insulation Corporation’s founder, Simon Asaro—intends to make the home net zero by adding solar electricity generation and water heating.

“My home is a great opportunity for Home Insulation Corporation to set an example,” said Bill who took occupancy just a few weeks ago. “I’m living in a home that contributes to the sustainable use of energy. There are so many positives. Sure it cost a bit more up front, but it will pay back pretty quickly.

“I have been told that when the additional work is done—solar electricity and solar water heating—the excess electricity will create enough income to pay for gas and bring in some profit. I believe this is a step toward the future of sustainable construction.”

Home Foam® is a premium quality insulation from Home Insulation Corporation which spent a decade developing the product before putting it on the market in 2006. Home Foam® is available from certified installers throughout North America. Home Insulation Corporation continues to develop innovative new insulation products.

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